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Projector Rentals

AB AV Rentals provides projector rental services for a PowerPoint presentations, Movie nights, and sporting events.  Please choose the best option for your rental needs. After you have chosen a Projector. You may also want to look at our screen rentals. Click here to see our screen rentals. Below is a list of our projectors. All projectors come with cables and instructions. All projectors are PC and Mac compatible. A Mac requires an adapter; please let us know the model you are using. Natural light can be a big factor in your ability to see your presentation,movie.  Making sure your projector is bright enough is key. A low lumen projector will only work well when there is no light poulition. Our experts will help determine which brightness level is right for your application. LED projectors are now the newest, and most compact type of projector.  However they put out the least amount of lumens (or brightness). Averaging around 500-800 lumens of light. On average our event team recommends a minimum of a 3000 lumens projector or more for most standard presentations. Screen size and resolution will help will also play a factor for optimizing your experience.

Display resolution ?  XGA, WXGA, HD, Etc

Display resolutions is your displays width x height.  For example 1024×768 is the standard for most entry level laptops. Aspect ratio also comes in to play. The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, as in 16:9 (Wikipedia) The projection screen type must match your aspect ratio, otherwise the image may not fill the entire screen proportionality. XGA, SVGA, projectors are 4:3 aspect ratio, WXGA projectors are 16:9 aspect ratio.  Higher resolution projectors are best used for 16:9, 16:10 content.  So if you are renting a projector for an HD movie or video we wold recommend a 16:9 projector and a 16:9 projection screen to match the aspect ratio.  If your still confused please give us a call and one of staff will go over everything to insure a successfully event. 

Data Projectors

Data projectors are designed for PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and business meetings. Budget Projector. 1500 lumens, XGA Projector Starting at $150 per day Better Projector. 2500 lumens, XGA Projector Starting at $175 per day Best Projector. 3500 lumens, WXGA Projector Starting at $250 per day

16:9 Widescreen Projectors

Widescreen projectors produce widescreen images. Projector Rental Houston

  • Sharp 4000 Lumen 16:9
  • Viewsonic 2000 ANSI-Lumen 16:9 Native
  • InFocus 3600 ANSI-Lumen
  • Epson WUXGA Projectors Full HD 1920×1200

HD Movie Projectors

HD projectors are great for watching sports and movies in your backyard.  Make it a backyard movie night.

  • Epson HD
  • Epson 720p HDMI
  • Epson 1080p HDMI

Video Game Projectors

Video game competition and gaming parties are becoming more popular. Do you want everyone to see you in action? Our HD Gaming Projector well offer great picture quality and brightness to your event.

PC Free Wireless Projectors

Brand new projectors for 2017.  These projectors only need a USB thumb drive which will be inserted in the back of the projector. The projector will display the image without a laptop.  Also if there is a wireless network available, you can stream from a laptop, pc, Mac, and iPad or any mobile device with a specified app. Projector Advice: http://blog.rentacomputer.com/2007/10/22/projector-rental-advice/ Selecting the right projector. http://www.purple-cat.co.uk/guides/how_to_choose_a_projector.html